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    • What is your business worth?

      If I asked you today what your business is worth, what would your answer be? If its ‘umm’ or ‘err’ don’t worry you’re not alone! Many business owners do not know the true value of their business even though it is a critical prerequisite to making major business decisions, entering into new transactions or even [...]

    • Monitoring your net worth

      How do you think you have gone the last 5 years? Have you been working really hard but don’t seem to see where your money is going? Do you think you are getting ahead in life or running on the spot? Worse still is your financial position deteriorating?
      Your net worth is what’s left over when [...]

    • What’s going to happen to your business?

      In 2012 the Exit Planning Institute reported that more than two thirds of all businesses are owned by baby boomers and that more than 80% of these business owners intend to retire from the sale of their business within the next 10 years. Unfortunately less than 30% of these business owners have done anything about [...]